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Parallel to the automaton contest I had started a second project:

I found an automaton in the entrance hall of a company.
At least over one year ago the automaton was moved to this entrance hall but the piece wasn't supplied with current any more. What a sad sight of an automaton which doesn't move any more!
I did some investigations and it was quite easy to convince the responsible persons that this work needs energy again.
Finally in January this year (2011) I got the message that it runs again!
With this page I want to share with you this success and I hope that you also enjoy this beautiful piece in action.
The piece is called "Welt der Energie" (World of Energy), size 190 x 190 x 190cm . It was made in 1995 by Paul Gugelmann (born 1929 and still living some kilometres away from this piece).
He has his own museum in Schönenwerd, Switzerland, and it is really worth a visit when you love mechanical objects.